Being a parent seemed to be going fine – until someone mentioned a climate crisis

When I first became a dad 30 years ago, I really was clueless. Not that much had changed by the time my 8 year old daughter came along, but at least I had some experience, had read a few books on parenting and had made working with parents an area of special interest at work. But none of that had prepared me for what has become the defining challenge for parents of our time. I’ve been having conversations with both of my daughters about a future that I certainly hadn’t anticipated. These conversations have taken me completely by surprise. Talking about the climate crisis with my daughters and what this brings for their future has been heartbreaking, inspiring and disorientating. This leaflet for parents from the Australian Psychological Society was so helpful in giving me practical tips on how to approach this subject. It offers ideas about how to talk with children of different ages, what to say, how to say it and what to do. I hope that you find it as handy as I did. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts – would you recommend it to others? Are there ways in which it could be improved and developed?

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