Being a parent while our kids see their world falling apart – playing catch up.

When my daughters shared their view of how the world looks to them as they venture further into it, I felt pretty embarrassed at how much I’d developed the ability to screen out so much of what they’re unable to ignore as it impacts hugely on their future. I remember, when I was a mouthy teenager ranting about the state of the world, being told “it’s not as simple as that – you’ll learn when you grow up.” I did indeed learn – not much of it was that useful and now I’m going to need to unlearn most of it. I’m still pretty staggered at how little our leaders seem to be taking the situation seriously. Sure they will point quickly enough to this, that and the other initiative or suggest that some other country should be doing more. However, if I read what the scientists are saying correctly, the action that is being taken is nowhere near on the scale that is required to create a future for our children and their children that is remotely close to one that we would want for them. Someone asked me last week “As this situation unfolds, how do you want to be remembered by future generations?” As I’ve discovered, if this is something that is troubling you…you’re not on your own and there’s some good stuff out there that will generate the energy and the ideas to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. That’s a pretty good thing to be remembered for. This publication from the Australian Psychological Society (there’s a theme here isn’t there) is full of well researched ideas and information that will point you towards your sleeves and have you rolling them up in no time at all.

Let the rolling up of the sleeves commence…

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