Climate crisis, mass extinctions and all the rest – now available in cartoon format

As I tried to get my head around what the climate scientists have been saying, the ongoing bad news about species disappearing and what seems to be the weapons-grade complacency of our leaders, I had to work hard to keep myself from teetering into a pit of despair. That question “When people in the future look back on this time, what do you want your contribution to have been?” has been my main antidote. And cartoons. I love cartoons. Marvel comics. Studio Ghibli. You name it. So, imagine my delight when I got an email from Norman Warden at Galway Counselling pointing me towards a cartoon book about the climate crisis. Another way in to helping people look at this thing straight in face and be able to play their part in saving something of a future for those coming after us. What do you want your contribution have been?

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