Education and climate crisis – are schools missing the point?

As more information emerges about the increasingly fragile state of our environment and the language has changed from “global warming” to “climate change” and now “climate crisis” it’s obvious that something has escalated to a point of danger. This has me wondering whether what our children are learning about in schools is preparing them in any way for what the future may hold. Call me Mr. Negative-pants, but the future looks pretty precarious from where I’m sitting. The children and young people that I’ve spoken with seem pretty clear that the future that they see and the one that their schools are preparing them for appear to be drastically different. This leaflet, from the Australian Psychological Society outlines some thoughts about the kinds of skills that our children will need to live in a world that we find hard to imagine – probably because it’s not really what we’d want for them. ‘Sustainability’ needs to be shunted dramatically from the fringes of the Curriculum to something resembling the front and centre. What do you think schools should be teaching our children given their uncertain future? What do children need to know and what skills do they need to have? Do you think that this is all a distraction that’s worrying them unnecessarily and getting in the way of their education and future life chances?

…what will children really need to know and be able to do in the uncertain future lies ahead for them?

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